Roles and Functions Hcs 325

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Roles and Functions Paper
HCS/ 325

Roles and Functions
The roles and functions of a health care manager are strategic and if used wisely can create a happy and successful organization. The following concentrates on the roles and functions of health care managers and the most important role or functions they fulfill. Further, the most important aspect affecting health care management will be discussed. Roles

Most important here is to understand what the roles are that a health care manager is to fulfill while in his or her position. There are ten managerial roles mentioned that fall under three categories: Interpersonal roles; Informational roles; and Decisional roles. “A manager’s interpersonal roles involve interactions with people inside and outside the work unit. The information roles involve the giving, receiving, and analyzing of information. The decisional roles involve using information to make decisions, to solve problems, to address opportunities” (Lombardi & Schermerhorn, 2007. P. 13). Functions

The functions of a health care manager are another way of tackling day to day issues in the medical realm. Applying them is the heart to much success. The functions are not necessarily structured through an order of operation format, but normally can be applied to function in different orders and sometimes one or more at a time. The most important and main functions designated to a health care managers would be organizing, planning, controlling, and leading. Application

Applying these specific roles and functions is what will get a manager doing his or her job. Although a health care manager is loaded with multiple tasks and in a high pace setting, an admirable health care manager applies all the roles and functions and looks past the reality that it is a just a “job”. The health care manager applies the roles and functions through skill, developing a strong awareness of self and others, knowing how to interact with others,...
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