Roles and Functions

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Roles and Functions
April 18, 2013

Roles and Functions
There are four major functions in health care management that need to be followed; planning, organizing, leading and controlling. When using the four major functions, it will help to guarantee excellence in service. As a health care manager it is important to create setting that will help to promote participation, teamwork, and empowerment. Planning plays an important role in health care management being set, and looking ahead to changes that are taking place in the health care industry. Planning is a never ending passage of achievement. There could be unexpected plans that are mandatory in the course of a crisis. There are outside circumstances that can affect a company, both in negative and positive ways. Subject to its situation, a company possibly could need to change the plan concerning specific goals. From that point a suitable path of achievement will need to be realized so as to achieve the goals. A manager must be organized and able to make sure that all resources are available so that the course of action that was decided during the planning procedure can be followed. Being organized also comes with making sure that staff stay in synchronization, and are able to find the easiest way to take care of an important assignment, and cut down on any preventable costs within the company. The management department also decides the distribution of work and where it is needed at the most. Here are some samples of what steps need to be taken for organization; defining jobs and activities, organizing activities, distribution of authority, and balancing authority and responsibility” (The four functions of management, 2013). The most important role of a manager in health care is leading, leaving you with a reputation that will either look good or bad. It is up to the management to regulate and oversee the behavior of the staff, and to help make sure that they are helping to reach for company...
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