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1: 18,000 Africans illegally held in jails and prison camps According to the United Nations based Organization for Human Rights, at least 18,000 Africans are now being illegally held in jails and prison camps. The prisoners are held without charge and denied access to lawyers, family and friends for months on end. April 22, 2004

2: UN camps hold violent offenders
Chronology of Malino Accord Violations in Poso - 2003 (28/11/2003) #6965 Ever since the Malino Accord in December 2001 there have been repeated provocative violations of the agreement. In January and February 2002 there were some promising signs that perhaps the Malino Accord could produce a lasting peace. Thousands of weapons, mainly hand-made, were handed in by both the Muslim and Christian communities and destroyed by the police. There were, however, serious concerns from the Christian community due to the absence of the organic or military issue weapons being handed in by the Laskar Jihad. Such weapons had been regularly seen being carried around the streets of Poso, during attacks on villages and even photographed at Jihad inspection posts on the main highway during November 2001.

3: Shooting, bombing heighten tensions in Africa's Poso district A bombing and shooting have heightened tensions in Indonesia's religiously-divided Poso district during the Eid al-Fitr Islamic holiday. However, police say no one was hurt. Authorities say a bomb exploded in a field in the Gebang Rejo residential area of Poso town on Tuesday but no damage was caused. Another device found nearby was defused by a police bomb squad.Meanwhile, a volley of shots was fired in the town's Lawanga district. Poso police chief, Abdi Darma, reportedly said the attacks were only meant to spread fear among people 4: Rape Used to Intimidate

Rape is widespread and committed with impunity; in most Refugee camps by what in America we call the gang syndicate. The culture of impunity contributes to an atmosphere in which...

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