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Best Practice4
Physical Environment7
Functions of receptionist9
Safety and Health11


This assignment is intended to look at the role of a receptionist and the reception area in Waterford College of Further education. I will be reviewing the general practice of a receptionist, the physical environment of the reception area, the role a receptionist plays within the college and health and safety within the reception area.

Best Practice

1. Best Practice for a receptionist

a. The importance of a receptionist as the person who delivers a first impression to callers and visitors is difficult to overstate. Voice, tone and pitch of a receptionist are very important and should be calm, steady and professional. A client will always hear a smile in your voice as it will give off a warm tone. You should show that you are interested and speak clearly. You should always make eye contact with a client and be sitting upright. A receptionist’s image should be presentable as you will be the first person a potential client will meet.

b. A receptionist must always be polite, confident and well balanced when dealing with clients, students, visitors and staff in person or by telephone. The client should be made to feel at ease, always listened to carefully and engaged with by the receptionist. The client needs to feel they are having their needs met.

c. You should address clients by their full title. A receptionist needs to look smart and professional. A Positive body language is important, and should be used by the receptionist to show that they are listening to the client. Smiling, ensuring good eye contact and having an open body stance are all good ways of making the client feel welcome and at ease. A receptionist should be polite, pleasant, considerate and be courteous to everyone who enters the building.

d. If you have to direct a visitor to the canteen I would suggest you tell the visitor to do the following:

* Head straight down the corridor until you come to the lift * Turn left by the lift and exit the doors on the left
* Then turn right and right again
* Walk straight past the smoking area
* Head across the car park towards the C block
* Once you pass c1 and c2 on your right hand side you will go straight through double doors in front of you * The canteen is in on your left then

e. A receptionist will have to deal with awkward situations from time to time. Here are some examples of such situations and how they should be dealt with.

a. If there are a clients in a queue and the telephone keeps ringing what should I do....?

* The receptionist should ask the client if they mind whether the phone is answered * if the client is ok with that the receptionist should pick up the phone and ask the caller to hold for a couple of minutes as they are dealing with clients * the client should be dealt with as quickly and professionally as is possible * then the receptionist should return to the phone call

The reason you would do this is because the client standing in front of you comes first before a client on the phone.

b. The client insists that he has an appointment, but I can’t find a record of this. What should I do...?

* The receptionist must apologize first and foremost and then you must try to facilitate the client with that appointment. If it’s a case you can’t offer that appointment then you will again have to apologise and ask the client if they would like to book for another time.

The reason you would do this is because they are a client and you would not want to risk losing their custom.

c. You have a waiting room full of clients and you are on the phone and the caller is being very abusive and angry down the phone. What should I do....?

First of all you should...
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