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Role of a Nurse

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In this essay, the writer aims to outline the roles of a nurse in a nursing home. She plans patient care from personal hygiene, medication, therapy, dietary needs or nutrition care, evaluate their progress and make adjustments when necessary or when there is need. The nurse may have to manage a team of health care assistants and therefore is responsible for their health and safety as well as that of the patients. The nurse has to be competent to be able to undertake her duties.

After receiving handover, duties such as personal hygiene and nutrition care may be delegated to health care assistants, ensuring that professional practice is maintained for the safety and comfort of the patients. Sometimes the nurse may provide personal hygiene care, depending on staffing levels. It is her duty to make sure that all the equipment being used whilst she is in charge is in good working order, as she is responsible and accountable for the patients in her care (Nursing and Midwifery Council code 2010).

She monitors vital signs, which is checking body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and blood pressure ( She will administer medication, some oral (by mouth) and some intravenously, which means directly into the veins via an injection, managing pain for those who are at the end of their life, making sure they are comfortable. She checks progress on wounds such as pressure sores or broken skin, considering that most of the residents may have poor to no mobility (, and change dressings. She will fill in some chats for those being monitored for fluid intake or 2 hourly turns for those bedridden to minimise risk of pressure sores. She will test urine samples for those with symptoms of urine infection (urinary tract infection).

She attends meetings to discuss patient care plans where the patient’s progress is evaluated and changes are made when needed. She may...

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