Role of a Commerce Teacher

Topics: Education, Psychology, Teacher Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: February 7, 2011
For teaching any subject effectively first of all teacher should be clear about its general as well as specific objectives of each topic/concepts because this will only help the teacher in selecting the appropriate approach and method of teaching according to the content. So for teaching commerce effectively teacher has to be thorough with the objectives of teaching commerce at all levels.

Effective teaching can be possible only when the teacher is able to promote interest among the students. For promoting the interest among the students a teacher can do various things such as demonstrate interest in the subject and in teaching, introducing the topics in new and interesting ways, point out practical applications and interesting examples, relating the subject matter to current events and students interest or activities, presenting challenging and thought provoking ideas, examining controversial issues, encouraging new ideas from the students and by the use of varied activities, media, and methods. It also helps in providing practical exposure to the students.

The quality of instruction also depends upon the knowledge of teachers. There is a strong positive relationship between teachers' knowledge of subjects and levels of subject knowledge achieved by their students. Teachers with ample knowledge of subjects are able to plan effectively for the introduction and organization of basic concepts. Knowledgeable teachers are also able to distinguish simple from complex concepts and to vary instructional procedures accordingly. So for teaching any subject effectively, there should be a trained and qualified teacher. Its is more necessary for commerce teaching because the subject is offered at the higher secondary level where the students are more matured, so there has to be a teacher who is masters in commerce at the same time having a degree of education.

Commerce is a subject which is very close to us, so for effective teaching of commerce it is all about...
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