Role of a Chemist in the Haber Process

Topics: Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Ammonia Pages: 4 (1051 words) Published: March 26, 2008
Almost everything in our world has some of their origins from chemicals, scientists in the chemical industries are always working to find ways to make these chemicals useful to us, they bring improvements into daily use substances like paints, medicines, cosmetics and plastics, so that they are more environmentally sustainable, and efficient. Scientists employed in the chemical industry trained and specialising in chemistry are called chemists. A chemist can gain expertise in a range of chemistry fields such as analytical chemistry, biochemistry, inorganic, medicinal, organic, physical, theoretical and environmental chemistry.

There is a large variety of chemical jobs available to practicing scientists in the chemical industry including in the •Manufacture of inorganic and organic chemicals such as ammonia, various acids, solvents, detergents, dyes and pesticides A chemist employed in the •Petrochemical industry will monitor and control the production of petrol and oil •Chemists are also employed in Pharmaceutical’s industry in the production of medicines, cosmetics and toiletries •Plastics industries also rely heavily on chemists in processes such as production and development of new products. •Chemists are involved in process for the extraction of metals in the Mineral/mining industry. •In the Food industry chemists monitor processes such as production and packaging of foods to insure standards expected by the consumers are being met. •And a large number of chemists work as Chemical Engineers which involves the design, operation and enhancement of industrial chemical procedures. Jobs in the chemical industry are often classed as process control, quality control, environmental quality, technical sales and services, or research and development. A chemical engineer in an ammonia plant, specialising in process control, will...
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