Role of Youth Towards Nation Building

Topics: Force, Sovereign state, India Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: October 27, 2012
India is a big country with a large population. It is estimated that India’s present population is about 65 crores. Those between the ages of 15 to 35 form more than 50 percent ‘of the total population. For our purposes we count them all as the youth. These comprise students, employees, workers, farmers and persons from various professions including the unemployed—educated or otherwise. These young people con¬stitute a large force. They are energetic, enthusiastic and full of zeal. Unfortunately a large number of them are without any direction. It is dangerous to allow them to remain idle, as it would increase their frustration. A large number of them are capable, devoted, dedicated idealists and are fond of work. Their frustration is a result of their being without any worth¬while job. It is a great national wastage if these energetic hands and brains are not provided with some sort of work to meet the needs of the nation. No country can permit such wastage. What is needed is that they should be taken into confidence and given a direction—some constructive work. This massive manpower can do wonders provided its enthu¬siasm is harnessed for development work. Indian youth have never lagged behind when called upon to meet a challenge. It is for the national leaders to play their part by mobilizing their abilities and providing them with a direction.

Let there be no doubt about their strength, power and capability. Their counterparts have changed the govern¬ments in their own countries. It was the youth of Indonesia who overthrew President Soekarno. The massive youth movement in Czechoslovakia succeeded against the military invasion on their country. The recent history of Cambodia, Cuba, France and Pakistan provide evidences of their invincible force. Even in our own country before partition the youth played a very inspiring role in the freedom movement. After independence too their power has changed the fate of...
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