Role of Writing in Finance

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  • Published : November 5, 2008
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Finance is a field of business that revolves around three concepts: time, money and risk. The interrelation of these forces influences the decisions that are made in companies. Optimizing revenue and reducing risks is the main goal of finance. While the other branches of business are more involved in mechanics and function, Finance helps determine whether the function is improving the capital.

For the success of financial operations, technical communication is very important. After all, the role of finance is to report and transfer objective information to an investor or stockholder. Manipulation of information is a tool that is used for one’s benefit. For example, income could be reported in different ways where it could be understated and therefore pay less tax. Financial statements are very technical and require careful and strict representation.

Technical writing is essential in all fields of Business. Specifically in Finance and Economics, the role of writing is fundamental. With the advancement of humans in technology and science, the traditional ways of writing have evolved. This report will help create a better understanding of the relevance of writing in Business Finance today. In this field there are procedures and standards of documentation.

An interview conducted with CPA Luis Prado who minored in Finance to help demonstrate the function of writing. This document is split up into sections. It begins with the research methods where the questions and criteria upon which the examination was performed are titled. Followed by the Data, which presents statistical and objective evidence. An analysis is also done of the data and recommendations are given along with recommendations from the interviewee.

Research Methods

According to Luis Prado, any type of communication that involves creating and transmitting usable information that is easy, effective and practical....
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