Role of Women in Odyssey

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  • Published : December 29, 2011
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In the Odyssey women play an important role and many events occurred because of them. For instance the entire Trojan War started because of Helen, because of Odysseus’ love of Penelope he needed to get back to Ithaca, and with the help of the immortal goddess Athena he finally made it home. Women in this story have very meaningful roles in Odysseus' life. The first very important role of a woman is Helen, who started this journey. It began when he his men left to battle in the Trojan War. Helen with powerful beauty was the cause of this war. Many men went to fight that battle Odysseus being one of them, he left his home, risking his life, and risking the fact he might never see his wife again. Odysseus might've never left Ithaca, get lost, and wouldn't have been taken in by a great destiny of unpredictable adventure if it wasn’t for her. Helen had started a turning point for Odysseus. His reason for leaving Calypso's Island was that he missed Penelope and he worried about getting home to his wife. He missed her so much that he left Calypso, and immortality. His voyage home was based on coming back to his loving wife, love for Penelope brought about the next cause that led him to needing to come back to Ithaca. The Goddess Athena, who sent Odysseus on his way home, put hope into the heart of his son, and his. She let him know he is needed at home and watched Odysseus' every step, appearing to Odysseus in different disguises. When he felt that he could not go on, Athena would encourage him to not give up. To help him save Ithaca she disguised him as a beggar and only his son could recognized him. Without Athena, Odysseus probably would never have successfully returned to Ithaca. Penelope is the main woman in the story while most of the others were goddesses or demons. She was completely loyal to her husband even though he was gone for twenty years. Having no word from him and not know whether he is alive or not she refused to remarry putting off the many suitors...
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