Role of Women in Eradication of Corruption

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Role of Women in Eradication of Corruption - Term Papers - Erzaki

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Role of Women in Eradication of Corruption
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Role of Women in Eradication of Corruption - Term Papers - Erzaki

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It is a matter of shame that even after 63 years of independence, India figures among the thirty most corrupt countries. The virus of corruption has crept into all walks of life and it can endanger the body politic of our nation. is the web's leading learning tool. We inspire millions of students every day with over 650,000 model essays

Eradication of corruption should be the nation’s number-one priority in view of the ever-increasing horizon of political and administrative corruption and its baneful multifarious effects on the society-at-large. It needs to be understood by all that eradication of corruption is only possible if strong political commitment exists. Without strong political commitment, bureaucratic reorientation and a vibrant and effective civil society, checking corruption turns into a very difficult almost impossible task

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Corruption in India
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As we are aware that now a days a big...
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