Role of Women in Education and Social Development of Children

Topics: Sociology, Psychology, Developmental psychology Pages: 14 (4848 words) Published: March 18, 2013
This study investigated the role of women in education and social development of children. Two research questions were posed to guide the study. The study employed descriptive survey design. The sample comprised of 300 respondents (women) drawn using simple random sampling technique. A structured questionnaire developed on a four point rating scale duly vetted by specialists in educational research, measurement and evaluation, childhood education and educational psychology were used to obtain information from the respondents. Data collected were analysed using means. The results of data analysis showed that: women play a vital role in education of children; women play a vital role in social development of children. Based on the findings, conclusion was drawn, some relevant educational implications were highlighted and some recommendations were made.  

The role of women in education and social development of children is an issue of great concern. The social, political, cultural, economic and technological changes in the world today (globalization) have revolutionized education and social life of children, calling for radical changes to meet the current demands of the society (Olaniyan & Obadara, 2006). In the face of current changes in the social and educational system, women’s role in education and social development of children has thus become imperative (Odey, 2008). Education describes the total process of human learning by which knowledge is imparted, faculty or aptitude trained and skills developed (Dickson, 2000). It entails acquisition of requisite skills and knowledge (Ivambe & Akombu, 2001). Thus, education is the sum of the total experiences (both formal and informal), which is made available to a child to assist the child make realistic adaptation to those he interacts with so that he becomes a well proper member of the society. Many social organs influence children education among which is the family, and in the family system, women in no small measure play a vital role in children education. Epstein (2002) contends that women play a commendable role in children’s education. This they do through establishing daily routine, monitoring out of school activities, modelling the values of learning, self-discipline and hardwork, expressing high but realistic expectation for achievement, encouraging children’s development/progress in school and encouraging reading, writing and discussion among family members. Lines (2005) stated that women play a vital role in their children’s education by providing encouragement, arranging appropriate study time and time, modelling desired behaviour (such as reading for pleasure), monitoring homework and actively tutoring their children at home. Women also play a vital role in their children’s education by attending school functions and responding to schools obligation (Cotton & Wikelund, 2001). Women can serve as advocates for the school. They can volunteer to help out with activities or work in the classroom. They can also take an active role in governance and decision-making necessary for planning, developing and providing education for their children (Swap, 2007). Women not just only play a vital role in education of children; they also play a vital role in the social development of children. Social development refers the development of social skills and emotional maturity that are needed to forge relationships and relate to others (Sharma & Vaid, 2005). Thus, social development is the development of social competence. Often developing empathy and understanding the needs of others is also included in the area of social development. In order to develop socially, children need to interact with their peers and adults in a socially acceptable way. Developing good social skills is necessary for them to be able to eventually form healthy relationships and fit into various...
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