Role of Women

Topics: 20th century, Woman, Gender Pages: 2 (791 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Throughout the years, the female sex has experienced a number of situations in which being a woman becomes a stereotype for those in less respected and important careers as well as being the only acceptable sex to take care of children and household. While women had almost no respect their husbands had extreme amount of power over them. These situations have gradually decreased over the years to a point where the woman’s role in society may be the same as a man’s but with these mental transformations, there were major changes in the whole world too, proof that the mentality of society did not change from one day to another. Therefore, representing a major discussion to society since the beginning, women’s role in society has changed along with history.

In the 19th century, women were manipulated by their husbands and had little or no opinion. Husbands were their wife’s bosses and had complete power over them. The play A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, portrays that situation clearly throughout the whole story, for example when in Act I, Nora is eating macaroons hidden from her husband since he doesn’t want her to eat sweets, which could give her bad teeth. This shows how she was treated as a child by her husband. Another fact that may clearly describe the mentality of society at that time is the actual name of the play: A Doll’s House. This shows exactly how women were manipulated at their own house. During this time, there was a clear difference between men and women, but most of all there was a clear difference between husband and wife. This difference was seen in all different types of media. In the plays, the advertisements and obviously, the attitude of men at the time. Also in Henrik Ibsen’s play, the fact that Nora’s husband calls her animal names and she calls herself animal names to him, may sound sweet at first but have a metaphorical meaning that represents the role of women in society at that time. They were treated as animals.

During the 20th...
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