Role of Woman During the Revolutionary War

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Role of Woman During the Revolutionary War

Have you noticed that in most history text books that the role of woman was never truly expressed in detail? Of corse we have heard of Gorge Washington, John Adams, male solders of the Revolutionary war, high ranking officers and the generals; what about the wives? What were the woman’s roles during these times? We should know that all woman were inferior to men, they had responsibilities and rights based on there social status. Most woman stayed home to take care of the children and their home duties, wile there husbands were away at war.

Becoming a solder was out of the question, but of corse some woman went with their husbands, brothers or fathers. Disguised as men these woman assisted in all battle situations. Margaret Cochran Corbin, or Molly as some called her, followed he husband into battle. She was a camp follower; cooking means, laundry, and taking care of the sick. But in the battle of Fort Washington in November 1776 she saw her husband get shot and killed. As brave as she was she ran over to him, with no one to replace him, she took over the cannon and fired it until she was shot. She didn’t die but the disability stayed with her. Pennsylvania acknowledged her for her heroism and allowed her a partial pension. Another woman that was known for fighting in the Revolutionary War was Deborah Sampson. She was the first woman to enlist in the war, under the name Robert Shurtleff. She received two injuries in battle. Her identity remained a secret until a doctor discovered it after her second injury. Deborah was honorably discharged after that.

Abigail Adams from Massachusetts, wife of John Adams, was a very important woman during the Revolutionary War. She wrote her husband letters to help him with is decisions. As we know John Adams was not a very social person. She helped him on debates and issues that our county was having in these times. She also housed solders and fed them....
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