Role of Ulema and Mashaikh in Freedom Movement

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The Ulema and Mashaikh of the Indo-Pak subcontinent played an active role in promoting the Pakistan Movement. The Ulema’s tradition of the participation in the politics is very old. The Ulema belong to Chishtia, Qadria, Naqshbandia and Soharwardia and their followers actively supported the two-nation theory which led to Pakistan Resolution. The prominent names amongst them are Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Maulana Abdul Hamid Badayuni, Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Maulana Muhammad Ibrahim Sialkoti, Pir Ghulam Mujadid Sirhandi, Amin-ul-Hasanat (Pir Sahib of Manki Sharif), Pir Sahib of Zakori Sharif, Pir Jamaat Ali Shah, Maulana Sanaullah Amratsari, Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Ghangohi, Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanotavi, Haji Zaman Ali Shaheed and a lot of others. In fact, the foundation stone of Pakistan Movement was laid by Hazrat Mujadid Alaf Sani, Sheikh Ahmad Sirhandi who did not hesitate to confront with the British royal authority and put his life at stake to light the torch for the regeneration of Islamic spirit. It was kept alive, after the death of the Aurangzeb Alamgir, by the movement started by Shah Waliullah. In the first half of the 19th century, Shah Abdul Aziz intensified it and made it widespread. Later on Shah Ismail Shaheed and Syed Ahmad Shaheed converted it into the Jehad Movement for the establishment of an Islamic state in the sub-continent. They fought against the Sikh ruler of the Punjab and were martyred while fighting in the valley of Balakot in quest to establish the Will of God. After the war of 1857, some of the Ulema established religious institutions for the religious teaching so that they could prepare the younger generation to protect the cause of the faith. Some of the Ulema had started underground movement for the political and national awakening of the Muslims. In October 1945 at Calcutta, Jamiat-ul-Ulema Islam was formed which proved a big landmark in the struggle for the establishment of Pakistan. Due to the participation of Ulema in the Movement, the objectives of Pakistan Movement became more and more clear and their followers joined it for the achievement of Pakistan. With the passage of time, some more Ulema decided to join Jamiat-ul-Ulema Islam and its branches were established all over the country.

1. Mufti Muhammad Shafi:

Mufti Muhammad Shafi joined Jamiat-ul-Ulema Islam and became the member of the central working committee. He went all out in support of the Pakistan Movement. Mufti Muhammad Shafi started a movement with pen in favor of Pakistan and wrote a number of pamphlets and issued a Fatwa (religious decree). He had conviction that establishment of Pakistan is inevitable. Besides contributing through his writing, he made extensive tours of the sub-continent to motivate the Muslims in favor of Pakistan. His speech and statement took the Muslims by storm everywhere he went. His great efforts to counter influence in NWFP on the eve of the referendum of 1947 are unforgettable. In the election of 1945-46, AIML had a very tough time in NWFP. where “ Khan Brothers” were in power in the province. The Congress won the election in NWFP and succeeded in forming the provincial government led by Dr. Khan Sahib. At the time of the partition of the subcontinent, referendum was held in NWFP. The Ulema and Mashaikhs put the whole weight at their support and force in the balance of League. The Quaid-i-Azam specially sent Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani to NWFP. in support of the League.

He along with Mufti Muhammad Shafi, Pir Sahib of Manki Sharif and Pir Sahib of Zakori Sharif intensified the activities in support of the Muslim League. They made strong tour of the province and tribal areas to mobilize the support of the Muslim masses for Pakistan. Their earnest efforts succeeded in paving the way for the victory of the League.
2. Maulana Zafar Ahmed...
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