Role of Tradition Pacific Society

Topics: Sociology, Family, Western culture Pages: 5 (1564 words) Published: April 22, 2013

Subject: Introduction of Social Studies

Lecturer: Mrs. Akanisi Lanyon

Assignment/Title: Essay- Roles of the Traditional Pacific Society

Student Name: Ilisapeci Kaivei

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Roles of Tradition Pacific Society
The essay presented here after a extensive research exhibit a wider range of variety of factors that has contributed to (ever) changing pattern that is irreversible, the topic touches some very sensitive issues in our society that perhaps has been the case into some very catastrophic changes that has forcefully bulldogged the roles that hold the structure of our tradition Pacific society. The fact remains that changes are inevitable it is a process of movement that flows through the very fabric of our society with it cones development. Development is a process of movement from where we are now and where we are headed. The change involves a lot of elements that sometimes makes the work of an individual to balance conflicting roles, this is shown here as example, “A man goes out fishing for the day he brings his catch home on his way he shares his catch with his extended families member and than feeds his family, that was the “Role” of that individual to look after his extended family, society and himself, his status in the community was to be a provider, guardian, teacher, counselor, and at the same time plays the most important roles “ Father or head of the family.” For someone to look back from, hence we have come from would probably never understand why the changes took place, therefore we must consider the three factors to make adequate ethical judgment to justify the changes that has dramatically disinterregated the moral pacific culture and its value for better or for worse. The fact of the matter remains, that as changes occur and with it developments, some structures that hold society together maybe displaced, replaced, enhanced or of no effect at all speaking in terms of roles that is played individually or collectively and so on. We can be sure of dramatic causes as well. In the “Traditional Cultured” society, governance behaviors, language, habits, food, status duties, social and ceremonial activities deals, people, roles act and so on are all influential factors into shaping this society. What has transpired here is “Education” was already intact before the “Westerners” brought in their so called “Education.” So it has become an acceptable norm for the Traditional cultured society to accept the idea that Modern culture supersedes the Traditional one. Education and training is about the extended family and the relation was under taken in the social units within the village. The role of the elder and grandparents is to enticed younger member to accompany them to their garden or to the sea for fishing practices. The elder would be the example to pass on the tradition to the younger generation through practical lesson. The westerners infiltrated our systems through the early settlers and missionaries and hence the birth and process of gradual change and developments began to our modern society of today. Home environment awakens to familiar sounds. Mothers school their daughters of female duties in cooking, weaving, fishing, gardening and fathers teach their sons...
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