Role of Television in the Field of Education

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Teacher Pages: 3 (716 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Television has been given considerable importance in many countries as a source and a tool of teaching. The success stories of using television for education in many countries has negated the concept that television is basically on entertainment oriented medium and it is hostile to thoughts. Television is adaptable and can follow different approaches when used in the different educational situations. The medium is used for formal, non-formal and informal education. To support formal education, television usually function as supportive and reinforcement tool. Television can be attached with school curriculum and time tables. When systematically organized it takes the form of school broadcast. In non-formal education, television has a more specific role to play. When used as a part of multi-media communication tool, television can directly or indirectly teach the subject matter. Importance of television to communicate information, idea, skills and attitudes has been affirmed by researches. You should attempt to study various reports published on educational television in different countries in different situations. In the words of Director BBC “next to home and school I believer television to have a more profound influence on human race then any other medium of communication.” If media is to work as an effective teaching tool then certainly it is helping hand towards, achieving the aim and objectives of education. Media is an agent of boost cultural economic and social development activity. Television, as an important mass medium disseminates education through formal and information methods. Television also continues to benefit the masses by making them conscious of the environment, rights, duties and privilege. It is a source of teaching etiquettes, language skills, hobbies, social relations and religious believes. Role of television is neither fixed nor easily tangible and measurable. The role is directly...
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