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  • Published : August 28, 2013
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Green Precision Cleaning System - Equipment | Machinery | Electrical & Electronic |Gaming | Hi Tech Industries

Welcome to Bluechp,
We at Bluechip have embarked our journey in the field of Precision Cleaning, creating synerygy with business partners by intergrating Precision Clean System in manufacturing plant and production line. We are a solutionist our core aim is to help manufacturers

One system fits variety of Cleaning Application: Precision Cleaning: Micro Molds Precision Moulds / Molds Geometry Precision High Tolerance Tools Optical & Medical Devices Critical Cleaning: Critical Parts Critical Flight Parts Critical Surface Focus Point PCB Board, Tools & Parts Cable, Components & Devices Online Cleaning: Light & Heavy Extruders & Extrusion Equipment & Machineries Power Plant Decontamination: Nuclear Decontamination Hazardous Decontamination Surface Decontamination Sanitization Water Sanitization Specialized Cleaning Degreasing De-Fluxing Specialized Finishing Deburring De-Flashing Cast Finish Fouling: Mold Fouling Bio Fouling Restoration: Super Structure Building Restoration Decorative Restoration Maintenance: Routine Maintenance Preventive Maintenance Tool Production Maintenance (TPM) Overhaul & Reconditioning Engines Air Vents and Duct (Shipping) Coating Removal Surface Preparation Disaster Remediation Non Abrasive Blast Cleaning Touch up Cleaning General Cleaning

Automize Manual Cleaning Reduce Cleaning Process & Time by 65% Eliminate Direct and Indirect cost of cleaning in manufacturing process by 60% Dry Ice Blasting Cleans the most Hard to get areas – Its goes where Hands, Rags, Water and Solvents can’t Reach!

Industries we serve : The On- Line Precision Cleaning System Hi- Tech : Electrical & Electronics | Hi- Tech Semi Conductor Medical & Optical | Pharmaceutical | Bio Mass Production, Procesing & Packaging: Food Processing & Packaging Automized Production Robots & Automization | Consumer Goods Product Finishing Manufacturing Plant...
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