Role of Teacher in School

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Among the greatest of all services that can be rendered by men to Almighty God, is the education and training of children, so that they can foster by grace in the way of salvation, growing like pearls of divine bounty in the shell of education and will be one day the jewel in the crown of abiding glory.

Henry Von Dyke has said about teachers and teaching “Ah! There you have the worst paid and the best rewarded of vocations. Do not enter it unless you love it. For the vast majority of men and women it has no promise of wealth and fame, but they to whom it is dear for its own sake are among the nobility of mankind. I sing the praise of the unknown teacher, king of himself and leader of the mankind,” This, we may say is the philosophical meaning of teaching, but is very relevant and meaning also.

The teacher is the yardstick that measures the achievements and aspirations of the nation. The worth and potentialities of a country get evaluated in and through the work of the teacher, “The people of a country are the enlarged replica of their teacher.” They are the real nation builders.

It needs no description that the teacher is the pivot of any educational system of the younger students. On him rests the failure or the success of the system. If the teachers are well educated and if they are intellectually alive and take keen interest in their job, then only, success is ensured. But, if on the other hand, they lack training in education and if they cannot give their heart to their profession, the system is destined to fail. Hence, the teacher is another vital component of the school.

The teacher is a dynamic force of the school. A school without teacher is just like a body without the soul, a skeleton without flesh and blood, a shadow without substance. “There is no greater need for the cause of education today than the need for strong manly men and motherly women as teachers for the young”. As social engineers, the teachers can socialize and humanize the young by their man-like qualities


Help us, O Lord to penetrate into the secret of the child, so that we may know him, love him and serve him according to your laws of justice and following your divine will -- Maria Montessori


East or West
Our teacher is the best
She is our best guide
She helps us to decide
She tells us the right path
When we are in trouble
She is a book of wisdom
Which gives us knowledge
She’s a burning candle
Which gives us light
All in allDefinitions

“A Teacher is the image of Brahma” -- Manu

“The teacher is a Brahma, the creator, he is God Vishnu, he is God Maheshwar. He is entire universe, salutations to him.” -- Indian Prayer

“The true teacher is he who can immediately come down to the level of the student, transfer his soul to the student’s soul and see through and understand through his mind. Such a teacher can really teach and none else” -- Swami Vivekanand

“The teacher’s place in society is of vital importance. He acts as the pivot for the transmission of intellectual traditions and technical skills from generation to generation and helps to keep the lamp of civilization burning” -- Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

“A teacher can never truly teach unless he is still learning himself. A lamp can never light another lamp unless it continues to burn its own flame. The teacher who has come to the end of his subject, who has no living trafic with his knowledge, but merely repeats his lessons to his students can only load their minds. He can not quicken them” -- Tagore

“Every teacher and educationist of experience knows that even the best curriculum and the most perfect syllabus remains dead unless quickened in to life by the right method of teaching and the right kind of teachers.” -- Secondary Education Commission

“The Teacher is the real maker of history.” -- H.G. Wells

“The teacher is the maker of man.” -- Sir John Adams

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