Role of Sustainable Project Management in Construction Industry

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There have been many studies on what constitutes project and project management processes in recent years (for example Kerzner 2009; Lock 2007; Schlichter 2007; Wessels 2007; Green 2005; Zanfardino 2005; and Archibald 2003). While these studies only give general descriptions of project management practices, only few researchers investigated how sustainable practices can be achieved in projects management especially within the construction industry.

The UK construction industry is considered to be highly active sector contributing immensely to the depletion of natural resources and produces enormous amounts of wastes materials. Crudgington as cited by Holton, Glass, and Price (2010) believes that there are increasing legal and commercial pressures on this sector to be more sustainable in their activities. Therefore, the concept of corporate sustainability has been an important issue within the UK construction industry (Holton, Glass, and Price 2010). This is because of the effects (positive or negative) that all construction activities have on the projects stakeholders (Olander and Landin 2005). This has consequently increased the importance of social aspect of sustainability which has been the basis to assess the feasibility of construction projects by stakeholders (Edum-Fotwe and Price 2008). Therefore, concerns of all those who have vested interest in the construction project should be addressed prior to its execution in order to achieve project objectives.

However, it is observed that construction activities consume about 60% of world’s resources and produces about 50% of global CO2 (and other greenhouse gases) emissions (Worldwatch Institute 2005). These gases have been consequently increasing far more than their natural threshold in the upper atmosphere causing changes in climate system.

Many studies (for example...
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