Role of Student in Removing Corruption

Topics: Political corruption, Corruption, Bribery Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Students can bring down the corruption in our country and it is possible .In our country, almost all houses have one or two school going children. They are aware of parents activities means they are bribing or not . If they found that their parents are deviating from the transparent path, they can use the tool of love and affection and correct the parents so that they come back to the right path. By doing this, our students will be very helpfulin removing corruption in our country.

We should hate and treat the corrupt people in the very
same way in which our ancestors (high class people) were
treating the untouchables, at that frame of time. Every
corrupt person should be treated as an untouchable person
and every innocent person of the society should hate the
corrupt person from within the deep cores of his heart may
be he or she your father or mother.
students should not play or live with child whose family is corrupt sothat he or she feel bad & tell there parents about this & try to convince to not do corruption.

In simply terms, things should be done in such a way, so that the non-corrupt persons should hate the corrupt persons. And the good news is that more that 80 % of our population are in no way corrupted. So when the majority of the innocent population will abandon the minority of the corrupt population, the rules of science will win, the majority will crush the minority, but again not at the stroke of midnight, but eventually. For this someone, at some point of time, but no one in isolation, must promote and cultivate hate in the minds of the common uncorrupt minds of India,

towards the corrupt minds.
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