Role of Stakeholder Paper

Topics: Management, Implementation, Quality assurance Pages: 3 (676 words) Published: November 7, 2012
Role of Stakeholder Paper
Jasmine Zeno
November 1, 2012
Dr. Allen Timmons

Role of Stakeholder Paper
The purpose of this paper is to identify who are the stakeholders in an organization and the importance they play within an organization. First I will identify what a stakeholder is and explain how important stakeholders are to the growth of the organization. Next I will explain how and identify the quality management process and how the stakeholders play an important role in the implementation quality management process. Finally I will conclude by using Federal Express as an example organization from our reading how they were able to involved different stakeholders within their organization to roll out a new process. Stakeholder and their importance with an Organization

Stakeholder is someone who has an interest in the well being of the organization. A Stakeholder can be defined as a person, group, or organization that may have either a direct or indirect stake in an organization and can be affected by the actions, objectives, and policies of the organization or have an effect on the actions, objectives and policies and organization may take (Business Dictionary, 2012). Stakeholders are essential to the growth of any organization because of the role each one of the stakeholders plays. Stakeholders can be internal; internal is someone who works for the organization who provides an important service for the organization. A stakeholder can also be external as well; external can be someone who invest money into the organization but is not involved in the day to day running of the organization. It is important to understand the roles and the influence that a stakeholder has in implementing a quality management process. For one to understand the importance a stakeholder plays in implementing the process one would have to understand and really what a stakeholder is and the role they play in the implementation of the quality management...
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