Role of Stakeholder

Topics: Management, Quality control, Quality assurance Pages: 3 (705 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Role of Stakeholder
Jane C. Doe
December 10, 2012
George Wells

Role of Stakeholder
The role of stakeholder in implementing a quality management process is one that has many facets. When an organization decides to embark upon a quality management process there are many people, internally and externally, dependent upon or affected in some way by the final product, output or process ("Tutorialspoint", 2012). In order to decide who the stakeholders will be in the process, management of the stakeholder process is essential. First, it is important to identify all those required to ensure the success of creating an efficient process; those involved are either inside or outside of the organization ("Tutorialspoint", 2012). Second, an analysis to ascertain what the stakeholder’s needs, boundaries, expectations, locus of control within the process, and mutual relationships will be is necessary to make sure everyone involved understands his or her role ("Tutorialspoint", 2012). A third and also important step is the process of engaging all stakeholders early on in the project. Stakeholders must have the ability to engage with the leaders of the quality management process to familiarize everyone with each other and understand each person’s role within the process. When working conceptually with quality management, the three spheres of quality known as quality management, quality control, and quality assurance each have their own role but also overlap (Foster, Chapter 1, Differing Perspectives on Quality,  2007). In each of the spheres mentioned herein, stakeholders play various roles. In order for an organization to achieve, maintain, and improve the quality of its offerings, companies use quality control and quality assurance processes and procedures ("Tutorialspoint", 2012). Organizations will define their internal quality standards, procedures, and processes as well as develop stakeholders who will be required to adhere to those standards...
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