Role of Sports in Young Girls Lives

Topics: Adolescence, Psychology, Health Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Borda Cinthya
Role of Sport in Young Girls Lives
It has almost been four decades since the federal education law called Title IX began allowing women to participate in high school and college sports. Since then, numerous research has demonstrated that sports are associated with different types of benefits for teen girls including better grades, higher self-esteem, and lower pregnancies. Although sports are essential in everyone's lives disregarding the age level, large body of research has shown that sports are very essential for the lives of teenage girls. Sports generally play a significant role in the overall physical and psychological health and academic success among girls from the ages of fourteen to seventeen.

First and most fundamentally, playing sports can be very rewarding to the health of many young teenage girls. According to Brooke De Lench's article " Sports Benefits Girls in Many Ways", when girls play sports, they decrease their chances of becoming obese. It is evident that in order to keep an ideal weight, its crucial that girls exercise and playing sports is a good way to keep them motivated. Another physical health benefit for teenage girls who play sports is that they are less likely to get involved with drugs and get pregnant. Two national studies found that females involved in sports are significantly less prone to use marijuana, cocaine and other drugs (De Lench). Another study in 1998 by Women's Sports Foundation showed that girls who are involved in sports are less than half likely to become pregnant. When teen girls get involved in sports, they increase their chances of having better physical health.

Secondly, sports are also essential for the psychological health of teen girls. Numerous researches have demonstrated that when girls play sports their self-esteem goes up and therefore, become more confident young ladies. According to De Lench girls are more at risk of developing...
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