Role of Sebi

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In 1988 the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was established by the Government of India through an executive resolution, and was subsequently upgraded as a fully autonomous body (a statutory Board) in the year 1992 with the passing of the Securities and Exchange Board of India Act (SEBI Act) on 30th January 1992. In place of Government Control, a statutory and autonomous regulatory board with defined responsibilities, to cover both development & regulation of the market, and independent powers have been set up. Paradoxically this is a positive outcome of the Securities Scam of 1990-91.

The basic objectives of the Board were identified as:
* to protect the interests of investors in securities;
* to promote the development of Securities Market;
* to regulate the securities market and
* for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto

Important Functions of SEBI
1. Regulates Capital Market
2. Checks Trading of securities.
3. Checks the malpractices in securities market.
4. It enhances investor's knowledge on market by providing education. 5. It regulates the stockbrokers and sub-brokers.
SEBI has introduced the comprehensive regulatory measures, prescribed registration norms, the eligibility criteria, the code of obligations and the code of conduct for different intermediaries like, bankers to issue, merchant bankers, brokers and sub-brokers, registrars, portfolio managers, credit rating agencies, underwriters and others. It has framed bye-laws, risk identification and risk management systems for Clearing houses of stock exchanges, surveillance system etc. which has made dealing in securities both safe and transparent to the end investor. Organisation Structure of SEBI

* A Chairman (to be appointed by the Central Govt)
* Two members from amongst officials of the Ministries of the central Government Dealing with Finance and Law.
* One Member from the RBI.
* Two members to be...
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