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Role of Religion in Egyption Civilization

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Role of Religion in Egyption Civilization

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It is a very simple answer, in the early civilization religion was almost everything. The Kings were selcetd by the church, and Kings had the reputation especially in egypt that they have been chosen by God. Mostly everything that was recorded or written down were all done by churches, monks beacsue they had the proper education to know how to read and write, so there was also the religious bias in most concepts. Science existed as long as it proved the existence of God, and the closer you were associated with the church the higher place you held in the socail class. There was the church, the state, the landlords, soldiers, peasents, women and slaves. Governments always played around the church becasue the church had the power to domonate people's beliefs and fears. A king couldn't have thrown over a church but a church could have thrown over a king. The church or religion was like a pupet master that yanked the king and the public how they wished, and until the enlightenment era when people really started to question the existence of God through science and were able to prove things through science the church was the the government and the government was the church.

It gave ancient civilizations such as the ancient babylonians and egyptians an explanation for what they could not explain. Also, religion was used as a method of enslaving humans for personal or political gain by convincing people to do irrational things because their god would want it that way, or their god would punish them and their families for not following "their" commands.

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ecause the role of religion in Euro-American culture differs so greatly from that in ancient Egypt, it is difficult to fully appreciate its significance in everyday Egyptian life. In Egypt, religion and life were so interwoven that it would have been impossible to be agnostic. Astronomy, medicine, geography, agriculture, art, and civil law--virtually every aspect of Egyptian culture and...

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