Role of Project Management

Topics: Project management, Microsoft Office Project Server, Project management software Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Q: Based on your readings and your personal experiences, prepare a summary of your understanding of the role of project management in today’s business environment. Project management is getting things done on time and under budget and also in scope; Project manager should know the scope very well and it is important to track the process as well. There are so many project management tools available for example Microsoft project server is the best example we can come up with. When the full project scope documented and finalized project managers should divide the scope into tasks and they need to communicate with software architects, business consultants, developers and get the efforts for each task. Once the development and QA efforts are confirmed projects managers can insert the tasks and efforts into the MS Project sever and get the exact delivery date. Delivering projects on time is very important and project managers should be fully responsible for this. Hence once the PM gets the exact delivery date from MS Project server they usually add a buffer time to the delivery date the reason to add a buffer time is to avoid the delivery date risk. PM’s should set up and manage project environment .Managing scope change is a challenge but PM’s should accept that challenge and they should do the needful to deliver the project in time. Daily Scum, Team leads meeting is also important. PM’s should have a clear idea about the current status of the project. PM’s should always follow up project tasks and actions also it is important to maintain a risk registry for each delivery they make. By maintaining a risk registry PM’s can come up with mitigate actions for risks in future deliveries. Prepare and maintain project financial budgets and keep them up to date is also important. PM’s should have a good forecast budgeting skills. Prepare project status reports and present them to the higher management is another thing that PM’s should do. They need to talk about their...
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