Role of Ppp in Pakistan

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by Mohsin Shabbir
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Table of Contents

Bhutto’s Stand on Kashmir issue:1
Launching of the PPP:2
The Elections 1970:3
Separation of East Pakistan:4
Bhutto and the PPP:5
Mass Politics / Mass Mobilization:5
Simla Agrement:5
Non Alignment Policy:6
The 1973 Constitution:6
Byletterism/ formation of an Independent policy:7
The Islamic Summit:7
Nuclear Program:7
Relation with Armed Forces of Pakistan:8
Bhutto’s Land Reforms:8
Bhutto’s outset:9
10] Bhutto as a Writer:10
1985 to 1987:11
2nd Govt. of PPP:11
11] 1988 to 1990 PPP achievements12
3rd govt. of PPP:12
12] 1993 to 1996 PPP achievements:13
Benazir Bhutto’s life in politics:14
13] Benazir as Writer:15
Current Status and my view:16

The Role of PPP in Pakistan


Zulafiqar Ali Bhutto (January 5, 1928 – April 4, 1979) was a Pakistani politician. In 1957, Bhutto became the youngest member of Pakistani delegation to the United Nations. He would address the United Nations 6th committee on aggression on October 25, 1957 and lead Pakistan deputation to the United Nations Conferences on the Law of the Seas in 1958. In the same year Bhutto became the youngest Pakistani cabinet minister when he was given the charge of the energy ministry by the president Ayub Khan who has declared Martial law in the country. Bhutto became the close and interested advisor to the Ayub. Bhutto aided Ayub in negotiating the Indus Water Treaty with India in 1960. In 1961, Bhutto negotiated an oil exploration agreement with the USSR, which also provided economic and technical aid to the Pakistan. USSR also started establishing Pakistan Steel Mills complex at Karachi. In 1963, he was appointed Pakistan’s foreign minister. Ayub khan impressed by Bhutto and thought that in him. He had found the ideal person to handle Pakistan’s foreign policy. He started relying in Bhutto for all his major foreign policy decisions and control of Pakistan’s international relations.

1]Bhutto played a major role in the development of relations with china which eventually resulted in the construction of the karakoram Highway which proved to be a vital strategic land link for Pakistan with china. He represented Pakistan in the UN, at the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), and other international forums with brilliance.

Bhutto’s Stand on Kashmir issue:

Bhutto advocated the hard line and confrontational polices against India over the Kashmir conflict and other issues. A brief minor battle took place in August 1965 between Indian and Pakistani forces near the international boundary in the Rann of Kutch which was resolved by the UN. Pakistan hoped to support an uprising by kashmiries against India. India started a great operation in Kashmir and Punjab region.

2]Following the outbreak war, Bhutto delivered a fiery speech at the UN Security Council waving his hands and index finger condemning India for aggression and declaring “we will fight for a thousand years” before ripping apart some Security Council papers and storming out of the hall.

The ceasefire after the 1965 Indo-Pak war and the Tashkent Declaration brought the differences between Bhutto and Ayub. President Ayub Khan and Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri of India declare the Tashkent agrement at a meeting sponsored by the USSR in 1966. Bhutto was against the Ayub’s concept of friendship with India. Because Pakistan army occupies 500 square miles the Indian part in the war and Bhutto wants to talk with India first on the Kashmir issue. But Ayub khan not talks a single word in the meeting of Tashkent Declaration. Therefore Bhutto left the Ayub khan’s cabinet and resigned.

Launching of the PPP:

After the Bhutto resignation, large number of peoples gathered to listen to Bhutto’s speech upon his arrival in Lahore on June 21. Bhutto traveled across the country to deliver...
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