Role of Phatik in the Homecoming

Topics: Family, Fever, Mother Pages: 3 (1041 words) Published: April 10, 2013
“Children aren’t happy with nothing to ignore for and that’s why parents were created”.

Childhood is considered as one of the most important and delicate phase of human life span. Seeking the first sense of knowledge, love and belonging, the child’s mind is curious to the level which we can’t think of. In the story, Tagore gives us a clear picture on how a child, when brought up in an atmosphere like village can cause quite a lot of disturbance to people around him because of his curious and mischievous attitude. He employs his imagination into taking readers to visualize true actions and connections of "real" living people in a certain place and time This is a very poignant story of boy, Phatik, who leaves home to stay with his relatives in a big city.

Phatik was the most mischievous boy in the village. He would often create nuisance on the villagers and even his young brother, Makhan. One day, when he played a prank on his younger brother, his mother beat him up. At this moment, his brother Bhishamber arrived and he offered to take Phatik to Calcutta. Phatik’s mother readily agreed as she was worried that Phatik would someday drown his younger brother or break his head in a fight or run him into some danger or other. Phatik also rejoiced that he would be going to a bigger city and dreamt of having fun. He would ask his uncle Bhishamber about when they would start an leave for Calcutta. At this point, Phatik’s generosity towards his brother was unbounded. He gave up also his playthings like the fishing rod, his big kite and his marbles. When they reach Calcutta, Phatik made the acquaintance of his aunt for the first time. She was not at all pleased with the unnecessary addition to the family. She found her three boys quite enough to manage without taking anyone else. Phatik was fourteen and at his age, he was not even a child or an adolescent. Then, he is at the unattractive, growing age. He grows out of his clothes with indecent haste, his voice grows...
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