Role of Pharmacist

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Role of Pharmacist
Pharmacist deal with medicines all the time. They help to select them, also in the management of self limiting illness, and dispense them on physician’s prescription. How can the pharmacist more fully contribute to patient care? Apart from very local or national attempts in different countries to extend clinical pharmacy, not many integral co-ordinate efforts have been made by pharmacy to contribute to the patient’s well being apart from through the dispensing process. [1] The world-wide acceptance of pharmaceutical care as the mission of the pharmacy profession is shaping pharmaceutical education and practice. As a result, pharmaceutical care is adopted as the focus of good pharmacy education. [2] Obstacles that differ in practice settings and places have hampered efforts geared toward the implementation of pharmaceutical care worldwide. Some obstacles have identified include deficient clinical knowledge and communication skills, insufficient time, and negative attitudes of pharmacy practitioners.[3-4] Attitude factors may represent key obstacles in realizing pharmacists ‘contribution to society.[5]

Pharmacist a health care provider
Pharmacists' professional roles and responsibilities have evolved historically from a focus on medication compounding and dispensing to extended pharmaceutical care services [6].An increase in health demands, with a complex range of chronic medicines and poor adherence to prescribed medicines, has forced pharmacists to take a patient-centered approach [7]. The paradigm shift for pharmacy practice took turn in 1990, when Hepler and Strand introduced the term "pharmaceutical care" [8]. Over the last few decades, pharmacy organizations and academic training programs around the world have promoted pharmaceutical care as a philosophy and standard of provision of care for patients [9]. In essence, the pharmaceutical care concept has transformed the pharmacy profession to be more accountable in...
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