Role of Persians in the Downfall of Mughal Empire

Topics: Mughal Empire, Agra, Shah Jahan Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The only worth leader of the mughals was Babur and Akbar the great.All the others were inefficient.The empire started gradually detoriating after Akbar's death.His immediate sucessor the infactuated Jahangir was only interested in being on the throne.He handed the goverment to the persians who did not introduce any new reforms or tried to improve the military power.Coming from a humble lineage not a royal family the Persians were more interested in swindling the imperial treasury and retaining power rather than improving technology and improving the naval base(throughout Akbars reign always gun manufacturing and military training was going on, which was not even mentioned in Jahangirs memoir).Akbar fully established the mughal dynasty,introduced reforms,devoloped friendly relation with all races and religion in India and handed over a very stable goverment to his son..His immediate suceessor who had no threat from any foriegn power,if he was not lazy could have easily continued the work of his ancestors and devoloped the empire.The Persians were more interested in spending the imperial treasury only for architectural work and gaining fame through it.A work like architecture,painting,perfume making,fashion designing etc which was a side job in the first three great mughal period was given prime importance and only carried on.The only mistake Akbar committed was the blind affection he showed towards his worthless son. If he had kept Khushrao on the throne he should hv set an example that a generation can be skipped for worthy people to be placed in the throne. Naturally Khusarao should have been interested in devoloping the mughal dynasty rather than swindling the imperial treasury.After that none of his sucessors were interested in the dynasty.All of them were self centered.Shahjahan once he lost Kandar just settled happily in the harem with the huge treasury already accumulated and started constructing Taj mahal for his wife(very much influenced by the Persians...
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