Role of Nurses as Leaders

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The Role of Nurses as Leaders

The Nursing profession is a very complex field. It is apparent that nursing is one field that has contributed immensely to the growth and well being of our society today. The fact remains that without Nurses; the rate of illness, sicknesses and diseases will triple in the world at large. Nurses are regarded as friends to the patients because they are closer to patients than the doctors and thus tend to understand aspects of the patients feelings and condition more than all other practitioners. Having nurses participate in decisions and empowering their voice in their practice creates a positive environment. Shared Governance (2007),

The topic: Identification of the influence of Nursing on important health care decisions at all levels, caught my attention as I read through the assigned report. According to the research conducted in the Robert Wood Johnson’s Foundation one of the research priorities that bring benefits to the patient is the vital information that nurses bring to the wellness table since they knew more about the patients and what is happening to them. Nurses take on significant decision-making responsibilities due to the information they have about the patients, and often act as patient advocate in relation to their health problems. The National Academy of Sciences research committee believes that nurses have the potential to play a vital role in improving the quality, accessibility, and value of health care in the community beyond their critical contributions to acute care.

A recent British article stated that nurses are an integral part of the multidisciplinary team, providing 24/7 stroke care from planning and implementing care, to the evaluation of the patient's condition. A nurse-led ward round was also initiated to look at essential nursing care with the aim of improving the ways in which nurses manage stroke patients in an acute setting. Catangui Elmer Javier (2012).

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