Role of Non Monetary Factors in Employee Motivation.

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Role of Non Monetary factors in Employee motivation.

Status or job title:
By providing a higher status or designations the employee must be motivated. Employees prefer and proud of higher designations. Appreciation and recognition:

Employees must be appreciated for their services. The praise should not come from immediate superior but also from higher authorities. Delegation of authority:

Delegation of authority motivates a subordinate to perform the tasks with dedication and commitment. When authority is delegated, the subordinate knows that his superior has placed faith and trust in him. Working conditions :

Provision for better working conditions such as air-conditioned rooms, proper plant layout, proper sanitation, equipment, machines etc, motivates the employees. Job security:

Guarantee of job security or lack of fear dismissal, etc can also be a good way to motivate the employees. Employees who are kept temporarily for a long time may be frustrated and may leave the organization. Job enrichment:

Job enrichment involves more challenging tasks and responsibilities. For instance an executive who is involved in preparing and presenting reports of performance, may also asked to frame plans. Workers participation:

Inviting the employee to be a member of quality circle, or a committee, or some other form of employee participation can also motivate the work-force. Cordial relations: Good and healthy relations must exist throughout the organization. This would definitely motivates the employees.

Good superiors: Subordinates want their superiors to be intelligent, experienced, matured, and having a good personality. In fact, the superior needs to have superior knowledge and skills than that of his subordinates. The very presence of superiors can motivate the subordinates. Other factors:

There are several other factors of motivating the employees: • Providing training to the employees....
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