Role of Ngos in Rural Developement

Topics: Non-governmental organization, Poverty, India Pages: 5 (1296 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Role of NGOs in Rural Development
Shridhar Hegde, 2nd year MBA MSRIT Bangalore
Kishan B.V , 2nd year MBA MSRIT Bangalore

India has been a land of villages and the Government of India has been Implementing numerous rural development programmes for the upliftment of rural Communities. Non-government organizations with their advantage of non- rigid, locality specific, felt need-based, beneficiary oriented and committed nature of service have established multitude of roles which can effect rural development. A number of NGOs have been playing a vital role in rural community development, besides government interventions. It focuses on the process of rural development in India and analyses the role of NGOs in the lives of rural Communities . Realizing that the government alone was not able to meet the challenges of the massive enormous tasks in the process of rural development, the non-profit, voluntary and non-governmental organizations had to be involved in different phases and activities at the global, regional and local levels. Thus, in later phases, both the GOs and NGOs have been actively involved in transforming the lives of the rural poor.

Literature review
Dip kapoor (2005)The number, size, density and complexity of linkages among international NGOs have grown dramatically in the Last three decades. Sharadchandra lele(2002)Accessing interaction between the political and administrative inc of government and the influence of semi autonomous actors such as donors ,NGOs and the academics to identify the potential route towards more decentralization in the future. Shenggen fan,P.B.R hazel sukhadeo thorat(1999)Additional irrigation investment has the third largest impact on growth in agriculture productivity but only a small impact on rural poverty reduction. Montek singh ahluwalia (2007)There is a statistically significant inverse relationship between rural poverty and agricultural performance for india suggesting that agricultural growth by itself tends to reduce the incident of poverty

Keywords: NGO, Government, Rural development, initiatives and activities.

"India lives in its villages" - Mahatma Gandhi.

Literally and from the social, economic and political perspectives the statement is valid even today. Rural India is real India. Over Seventy-six per cent of the total population of India lives in villages. Rural India still contributes about half of the national income. Agriculture is the basic occupation which sustains the rural areas. Rural development is not simply an economic proposition; it has social, psychological and cultural dimensions as well. It is a multi-dimensional as well as multi-directional concept.  People in rural areas should have the same quality of life as is enjoyed by people living in sub urban and urban areas

Rural Development in India is an important segment of economic development. Although, thousands of crores of rupees have been spent on rural development during the last 57 years, the problem is as grave as it was. Yet, the importance of this subject has enhanced. 

Governments alone are not able to achieve the goals and reach the target groups of rural development programmes effectively, in spite of planned development strategies. It could be attributed to the decentralized, centralization of approaches and methods, rigid and bureaucratic administrative structures. And uniform, universal and project-centred strategies. On the other hand, NGOs are perceived to be more capable of transforming the lives of rural poor by adopting decentralized and flexible methods and approaches combined with people-centred strategies that elucidate direct, dynamic and collective Participation of the rural community. The decentralized structure of NGOs that places Rural people at the core, induces...
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