Role of Ngos in Human Security

Topics: Human rights, Economics, Human security Pages: 3 (957 words) Published: June 6, 2011

By *Dr (Ms).A.N.Tamragundi


Human security is fundamentally concerned with helping people to deal with unforeseeable threats and sudden downturns, whether international financial crisis, environmental disasters or incapacitating illness. In this paper I argue that NGOs, as one of the most visible sets of actors in the related fields of human developments and human rights, can play a significant role in helping to achieve human security. NGOs are especially well suited to action for human security because of their size and reach, closeness to local populations and ability to address transnational threats. While NGOs face many obstacles in reorienting their activities towards human security, including the cyclical nature of the aid monies on which many of them depend and the high costs of networking, I argue that the human security framework will attract many NGOs to its approach.

* Assistant Professor, P.G.Department of Commerce, Karnatak University, Dharwad

NGO is an independent actor existing apart from governments and corporations, operating on a non-profit basis with an emphasis on voluntarism, and providing development services, undertaking communal development work or advocating on development issues. NGOs can be classified in many ways; on the types of activities they undertake, on their size, on their sectoral focus or on their sources of funding etc. many of the NGOs are operational, that they run their own development projects nationally and internationally. Some of the international NGOs or INGOs best known for their work today are CARE, Oxfan, Save the Children etc. they have made a major contribution to human development, particularly in the fields of health and nutrition,...
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