Role of Newschannels

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Newschannals – Past to Present
In the past decade, the number of channels which are solely dedicated to news has increased. Presently we can see 24X7 news channels viz. NDTV, STAR NEWS, STAR MAZA, AAJ TAK, etc. The fresh, up-to-date news about the happenings around the world can get in fraction of seconds. This transformation did not happen overnight. The big official Grand Opening of the first TV Station after years of experimental broadcasts in America, France and UK was likely on November 2, 1936 in London, England .The first television broadcasting station was located at Alexandria Palace in London, Great Britain and ii was none other than BBC ( British Broadcasting Company Ltd.). Lyrics for "Television" – BBC

A mighty maze of mystic, magic rays
Is all about us in the blue,

And in sight and sound they trace

Living pictures out of space

To bring a new wonder to you  

The busy world before you is unfurled -

Its songs, its tears and laughter, too.

One by one they play their parts

In this latest of the Arts

To bring new enchantment to you.

 As by your fireside you sit,

The news will flit,

As on the silver screen.

And just for entertaining you

With something new

The stars will then be seen. So... 

There's joy in store

The world is at your door -

It's here for everyone to view

Conjured up in sound and sight

By the magic rays of light

That brings Television to you.

Really, the lyrics itself proved the impact of news channels on every aspect of human life from science to entertainment and from richest to poorest. The news is more than a category of information or a form of entertainment; it is an awareness of the happening of our society creating security. People around the world are able to receive news instantly with few clicks of a button with the new technology of the Internet....
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