Role of Mobile Phones in School Education

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Role of Mobile Phones in School Education

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Today, education is not just limited to classrooms. In today’s competitive edge, the technology has evolved into many facets of education that encompasses eLearning, computer & web based learning or training. At the same time the law on Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 which came into force on 1st April 2010, will raise the need of educators in every corner of the country. And the technology will play a vital role in bringing up uniformity of information download. In remote areas, it could be a challenge in building up the technological platform as well as maintain the same in order to provide non-obstructive flow of online educational content. There is continuous bandwidth requirement in order to pull the desired information from various websites. However, the dependability till date, on computer technology is very high and crucial too. It looks challenging because of non-availability of technical expertise at the remote locations.

Proposed Solution

So, can there be any other alternative that will be cost effective, user friendly, less serviceable and can fetch interesting information even after teaching hours? Yes. The “M-Education” - ” i.e. Education through the mobile telephony can be the answer for tomorrow’s challenge to educate every individual in the country. No doubt, today, there is challenge of faster bandwidths. But that will not be the case now as 3G services are recently launched in India. So, speedy content downloads will motivate to develop more pedagogical content using mobile technologies.


There are obvious questions that would rise as far as education on mobile phones are concern. How would it be useful at primary level, where small children are learning, how to learn out of home? In fact that’s a very nascent stage of life. The journey has just begun to understand the outside world. Rather, instead of learning they need or seek more attention from their teachers for love and warmth. They are in a process of learning how to socialize, make friends and learn rhymes and numbers. So, does that mean that the mobile phone education should not be taught at school level?

Individual brain storming would certainly not help reach to any conclusions. In fact, reaching to any conclusions is not going to help at this point of time. However, what is important is whether the parents are ready for such a change? Have they really given a thought that their children should use the mobile phone for the education purpose?

Findings from Parents Survey

A survey conducted with hundreds of parents made me reach to them and understand their views. I would like share some of their views here –

| The manager at IDBI Bank says – | |“Mobile phone usage for education purpose – No. But for the sake of safety, a basic phone – Yes. That too only if child goes to any other | |class post school & is at some other location than school. For education purpose I would let him access internet under my guidance. | |The training Manager from MNC says – | |“Mobile phones should not be allowed till 10th standard.” | |The Handset Category Head of a Telecom company says –...
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