Role of Men

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Male Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: October 25, 2010
The traditional roles of men and women were established to ensure the power of the head of household. Historically speaking, that head of household was always male. But the rapidly developing world has brought about many changes into the traditional roles of both men and women. We have been socialized to expect men to be brave, industrious and domineering, whereas women have been expected to be submissive, timid and nurturing. Nowadays, however, women do not have to rely on their husbands anymore to provide a financial support for the home and in many cases they become breadwinners and head of the home themselves. Thus, these changes have resulted in male losing his image and ego as the dominant gender in society. First of all, it is not possible to talk about the changing role of men without mentioning the transformation that the female role has come through. The contemporary social situation was caused in large degree by women anticipation and making them more “equal” to men. Females are not forced to stay at home nursing children and making diners, they are free to go to work and pursue a successful career. And even if a woman chances to bear a child, now she is encouraged to return to work as early as possible and in fact reproved if she does not. Therefore, in many cases men are expected to take over the duties of a housewife. Before long, it is men who do the everyday laundry, it is men who prepare children for school and pick them up afterwards, it is men who cook dinners and sew a button onto a worn out shirt. Especially, if the women’ careers happens to be more successful and profitable. Hence, the purpose of men as the ‘alpha male', provider and protector within the family unit and the community, has become obscured and belittled. The vision between roles of men and women became blurred, leaving modern men in state of bewilderment. It is also a key to look at the way in which the role of man as strong and masculine has become cliché. On the one hand,...
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