Role of Media in Government

Topics: Mass media, Newspaper, News media Pages: 8 (3039 words) Published: November 11, 2012
What is the role of media in government?
Kevin M. Nthurima
American Government

Table of Contents
History of media in the United States4
Entertainment Media5
Political Media6
Social Media7
Informative (Internet) Media8
Traditional vs. New age Media9

The following research paper topic is the role of media in government mainly based on the United States government. It will comprise of all the reasons that media have become so popular around the world and look at the reasons why it is so important and the consequences of bad media. There are many types of media from social media to newspapers, TV, internet news, radio; e.t.c. Media has become very successful and important around the world ever since its conception from radio signals to the new internet superhighway of information where individuals can now receive information or news seconds after it happens from anywhere in the world. The following paper does not only look at the different media types but looks at what impact each has on citizens of a sovereign Nation and also the government. Does it assist the government in getting and putting out ideas and opinions? Does it always tell the truth? Do they know there limit? These are the type of questions that should be answered by the end of the paper. Media is very vital and this should be the first fact that should be put out there. “The term news media refers to the groups that communicate information and news to people” (SparkNotes, 2012). With this description of media it is very easy to see that media encompasses very many different outlets of information. “Most Americans get their information about government from the news media because it would be impossible to gather all the news themselves. Media outlets have responded to the increasing reliance of Americans on television and the Internet by making the news even more readily available to people. There are three main types of news media: print media, broadcast media, and the Internet.” (SparkNotes, 2012). Join me as I investigate the impact media has on a Nation as a whole and also how it impacts and is used by the government. History of media in the United States

Media has been with us for more than a hundred years with the earliest form of media being the print variety such as newspapers and magazines. This had been there since the periods such as Renaissance in Europe where information was circulated as newsletters that had been handwritten and would be circulated among merchants. The first piece of publication in the United States about contemporary affairs began in the 18th century. The first American newspaper itself was published in Boston on September 25th 1690 ans was edited by Benjamin Harris and printed by Richard Pierce. “It filled only three of four 6x10 inch pages of a folded sheet of paper. The journalist stated in his first (and only) issue that he would issue the newspaper "once a month, or, if any Glut of Occurrences happen, oftener." However, published without authority from the government, it was immediately suppressed, its publisher arrested, and all copies destroyed.” (Productions, 2010) After these first few years of trial and error the first continually published American newspaper in 1704 was called the Boston Newsletter and gained backing and was subsidized by the government. In 1791 the authorization of the bill of rights allowed for guaranteed freedom for the press. In the 1830’s papers started to take a more serious role in media by implementing more reportage stories so as to try and garner commercial and mass success and leadership . This was also assisted by the advancement of printing and papermaking technology that led to an exponential increase of newspapers and brought on the emergence of the “Penny press”. "Costing a penny an issue, rather than the usual six cents, penny papers aggressively sought out local news,...
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