Role of Media

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Role of media

What is media ?
Media is a communication channel through which the work of awaring people is done. Media plays a significant role in our society today. It is all around us, from the shows we watch on television, the music we listen to on the radio, to the books and magazines. Media plays a very important role in the building of a society. Media has changed the societies of world so much that we can't ignore its importance. Media is a source of information or communication and plays a vital role our society and is a part of our life. Media is a bridge between the governing bodies and general public. It is a powerful and flexible tool that influences the public to a great extent. It can change opinions of the people because they have access to people giving it a lot of strength. It is rightly said by Jim Morrison, the English poet that whoever controls the media controls the mind. This strength can either be used constructively by educating the people or it can be used destructively by misleading the innocent people, the most important use of media is to educate the people about the basic human rights.

What are the responsibilities of media ?

The main roles of media are: 
1. They should act to inform the public and provide unbiased and informative reports. 2. They should cover communication gaps between different sections of society and build a sense of unity among people.  3. Media should critically analyze government policies, corruption and social and cultural issues in the society. 4 Media should discuss positive things equally well along with the negative.

But now days media doesn't provide the correct news and information. Since there are many channels, all them want their TRP rate to be high and they in seek of money. So just want some sensational news to catch the viewers stay tuned. At times Media is necessary evil as it controls the undesired events. It conveys...
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