Role of Marketing Manager in Corporate Buisness World

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Marketing management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of techniques and the management of a firm's marketing resources and activities. The marketing manager of a company plays an important role as far as marketing of the firm’s products and services are concerned. Apart from this, marketing managers are often responsible for influencing the level, timing and composition of customer demand accepted definition of term. It is worth noting that the roles of a marketing manager can vary significantly based on a business’ size, corporate culture and industry concept. However, we will discuss about the general roles that all marketing manager independent of any business performs. These key roles of a marketing manager will be analyzed in depth below:

1. Carrying out of marketing research
The first and most important role of a marketing manager is to carry out marketing research and analysis. The marketing manager should do a thorough marketing research and analysis in order to possess a detailed understanding of their own business and the market in which they are operating so as to make fact-based decisions regarding, marketing strategy and design effective, cost-efficient implementation programs. The latter has to know whether his company is operating in a monopolistic market which is characterized by a large number of buyers and only one seller, in a perfectly competitive market which is characterize by a large number of buyers and a large number of sellers selling homogenous or partially differentiated product or in an oligopolistic market which is characterized by few suppliers for the same product. The marketing manager should be able to determine the market in which his company is operating in order to adopt marketing strategies that will prove to be effective and profitable for the company.  The marketing manager should also know the microenvironment and macro environment factors that can influence the company sales....
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