Role of Marketing in the Non-Business Environment

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October 2012
-Role of Marketing in the non-business environment since article “Broadening the Concept of Marketing” by Philip Kotler and Sidney J. Levy was published in 1969 --

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Anthony Chi Yuen CHAN


Social economic development over the past 40 years has been drastic over the world.


1970 to 2010, global GDP has grown over 20 times from 3,288 billion USD to 63,064 billion USDi. Government consumption expenditure per capita increased from 140 USD to 1,640 USD on global bases.

In well developed countries and economic zone (like UKii and EU),

social protection, general public services, health care, education, and national and public order and safety account for over 70% of government total spending. cause the increase of spending in the public sector?

What had been changed to

While large amount of money had been

spent, what has changed in the public sector to ensure the effectiveness of spending?


sector managerial techniques, practices and orientations, marketing strategies and dimensions helped shaping the evolution of public management to be more efficiently and effectively.


purpose of this paper is to state specific examples of the adaptation of marketing management strategies and tactics at the selected areas of public services. Particular case will illustrate how STP, 4P’s, and 3P’s adopted in the decision making process. Understanding the background of social evolution, we will examine how demographic and economic improvement has driven these marketing strategies in these civil services in Hong Kong over the past 40 years.

Every organization, private sector or public services alike, depend greatly on marketing strategies and communication to promote their goods and services. Hong Kong Government has evolved its public communication from minimum interaction to highly involvement in planning, researching, consulting, implementing of the new regulations and policies. The objectives are obvious, better execution, greater acceptance, less rebellious toward administrative power.

After Second World War, Hong Kong was governed by British system.

One will not be surprised to learn Hong Kong transformation from a small fishing village to a modern business and manufacturing city was greatly benefited by immigrating many British public services and social management policies and experiences. At the beginning of the colonial rule, many of the establishment and policies were implemented through a direct top down approach. British Government at the U.K. assigned Governor to Hong Kong to decide and implemented all policies across the society. Minimum communication was noted from the Government for promotion of new policies.


External limitation also put barriers to effective

At the 1950’s social communication media was very limited. The lack of

basic formal communication tools like newspaper and radio broadcasting was one of the challenges at the beginning. General population literacy was low also accounted for limitation of communication. As society improved, education level has risen, government new policies were demanded to be explained and rationalized before implementation. Modern government communications have to utilizing all available tradition and modern media.


through multi-lingual newspaper, prime time television advertising at television, radio broadcasting with advertisement and commentary shows; public transportation exterior/interior advertising; mobile phone messaging; smart phone application; internet media (blogs; facebook; twitters; government web sites etc) are fully utilized to let government communication reaching complicated social segments.

Likewise, the internet age of marketing communication channels

also encouraged faster and direct general public feedback be reverted to the concerned government bodies.

Privatization of some public services, like...
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