Role of Marketing in Construction

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Role of marketing Within the Construction Industry marketing5 Basic Marketing5
Specific Marketing Mechanism6
Marketing strategies and policies for construction Projects7 Knowledge Transfer Partnership7
PEST Analyses7
SWOT Analysis9
Strengths and Weaknesses9
Marketing mix11
Relationship marketing11
Place and significant of marketing within project management12 The extent to which marketing is beneficial for the different stakeholders within the whole construction supply chain14 The extent to which marketing is beneficial for the different stakeholders within the whole construction supply chain14 How Marketing might be improved in the Construction industry17 References19


The movement of materials as they flow from their source to the end customer is called supply chain. Supply Chain includes purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, customer service; demand planning, supply planning and Supply Chain management. It is made up of the people, activities, information and resources involved in moving a product from its supplier to customer. UK construction industry includes a lot of these supply chains. To manage and develop such industry, some strategies need to be used. All the members of supply chain have to work together in order to achieve the goals set out by industry. A logical approach is to identify a need, evaluate the scale of the need and the likelihood of satisfying it at profit, plan how demand can be satisfied and implement the plan is called marketing. This is one of the strategies that companies use in a every day running of their company. In 1990 report introduced by Morgan & Morgan, they concluded that marketing within construction industry is still a new concept, as well as Morgan & Burnicle (1991) mentioned that UK construction has been very slow in regard of adopting the require marketing mechanisms. Large numbers of organizations still believe that marketing is just handing out brochures and advertising, therefore they do not follow the plan and therefore they miss out on their goals. Construction industry is in severe recession, construction corporations are actively considering new strategies and marketing techniques to face the issues. Professions were starting to come forward with strategic practices as the industry has a growing workload and still very small profit margins. So it can be observed that there are still huge numbers of improvements that the industry can achieve. The Latham and Egan reports have started moving the industry to perform better and these essential reports have accelerated the development of the industry. “As part of this renaissance of the industry, clients became more powerful arid better informed, and more knowledgeable about commissioning, owning and operating their buildings.”

As a response, constructors and professions in the industry should start to act strategically rather than opportunistically. Some of these strategic plans are mentioned below: •Partnering
Strategic alliances
Supply chain management
Lean construction
and so on have all been part of the plan of change.

These plans are different control and marketing mechanisms that are used in the world of economics, marketing, management, politics and the hope of this paper is to connect those mechanisms and the industry and maybe add to the current research on the subject.

Role of marketing Within the Construction Industry marketing

The role of marketing within construction industry is huge. In some cases, they argue that no project in construction industry will be successful if no marketing was used. They argue that for selling any kind of building or wining any tendering, some marketing mechanism have to be used in order to achieve the goals. However, as there is no long time connection between the parties involve in a single project. E.g. client will use...
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