Role of Male Action Figures in Body Dysmorphic Disorder of Males

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Jonathan Vick
Mrs. Howell
English 122 HO2
19 March 2012
Young Children Do Not Care
In Evolving Ideals of Male Body Image as Seen Through Action Toys, Harrison G. Pope, Jr., Robert Olivardia, Amanda Gruber, and John Borowiecki make a hypothesis that the increase in muscle size and definition on certain male action figures over the last few decades has contributed to the current increase in body dysmorphic disorder among males of all ages. However, hasn't everything changed over the last few decades? From new technology to the use of new language, almost everything has been altered over time including male action figures. American cultures emphasis on improvement in turn means GI Joe's biceps will become unrealistically large, but the writers fail to mention he will also acquire more detailed clothing and enhanced accessories. The writers fall short in consider that everything improves, children simply play, and extra time spent in the gym is not necessarily a bad idea.

First, the comparison between the GI Joe's over the last few decades does show the increase in muscle mass as stated, but it does not mention the other improvements in the same toys. For example, the detail in clothing and expression on the face have also become far more imminent. This improvement is a result of every industries, including the toy-makers, push to enhance their product in any way they can. Making the statement that male action figures have led to the use of steroids is an opinion and fallacy. No research was done on how many body-building steroid users have an obsession with mirroring their favorite childhood GI Joe Extreme Sergeant Savage edition, but it is inferred that this GI Joe brings this out in the steroid user. As everything over the years changes and improves, why not let male action figures as well?

In addition, the huge biceps and massive chest add to the imagination of the child playing with them. No young boy wants to send Barbie's boyfriend Ken into...
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