Role of Landscape Architecture in Urbanization

Topics: City, Renewable energy, Sustainability Pages: 98 (32955 words) Published: December 22, 2011
Creating sustainable value through technological leadership

01 | 2010

Focus: Urbanization

How sustainable city planning has the power to mitigate climate change.

How Shanghai is preparing for 70 million Expo visitors – and for the future.

Climate Winner
European Green City Index: How green are Europe’s metropolises?

02 Industry Journal | 01 | 2010 | Editor’s note

Industry Journal | 01 | 2010 | Editor’s note 03

Editor’s note
Dear Readers,
“Cities possess the enormous potential to become well-balanced living spaces. Places where people live in concord, and where harmless health conditions prevail. Places with a low level of energy and resource consumption, which don’t produce much waste matter,” said Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations. But he also knows that, expressed in absolute figures, the reality is different today. At present, cities consume 75 percent of all energy and emit 80 percent of all greenhouse gases. And many urban congestion centers do not have sufficient healthcare and drinking water supply systems. The problems will grow as urbanization increases around the world. But there will also be a considerable rise in opportunities for getting at the root of the climate change problem and excessive consumption of resources. Nowhere does the use of new technologies pay off more handsomely than in cities. And nowhere are the positive benefits for the environment more perceivable. Appropriate investments benefit everyone: our customers and consumers, because the investment quickly gives a good return; for society through an improvement of living conditions; and for the economy through growth and the possibility to generate new jobs. And Siemens Industry and its more than 200,000 employees also profit. As early as the last fiscal year, Siemens generated revenues of 23 billion Euros with its environmental portfolio – 11 percent more than in the year before that. Over half of this was produced by the Industry Sector. A study carried out by the Booz Allen Hamilton management consultancy firm has shown that in the coming 25 years cities will spend an enormous 27 trillion Euros for infrastructural measures in the areas of water, electricity, and transportation. Sustainable urban development should soon become synonymous with economic growth – and with climate protection. Reason enough for the current issue of the Industry Journal to spotlight this topic. I wish you exciting reading. Sincerely yours, Heinrich Hiesinger Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger, CEO Industry Sector

04 Industry Journal | 01 | 2010 | Contents

Focus: Sustainable Urban Development

10: Metropolises for the future

22: European champions

27: Masterplan for better megacities Standford economist Paul Romer advocates third world drawing-board cities – including an independent economic and legal system.

Cities are crucial to the environmental prospects of mankind. The Industry Journal presents paradigms of sustainability in urban centers.

Researchers have analyzed the sustainability of European cities and ranked them in the European Green City Index. Up front: Scandinavia.

10–21: Worldwide urban development
Why sustainability in cities plays a decisive role for the entire world. Examples from Europe (P. 13), Abu Dhabi (P. 14), United States (P. 16), South Korea (P.18) and China (P. 20) outline how metropolises are effectively tackling their problems.

30–33: City oases
The combination of comfortable climate, architectural brilliance and exemplary energy efficiency produces trendsetting buildings.

22–26: European ranking of metropolises
How green are Europe’s cities? Researchers from the Economist Intelligence Unit have analyzed this questions and published a comprehensive study, the European Green City Index.

06–09: Spotlight
Business, science and technology news: From LED technology for the 1-liter car to the Velaro high-speed train in Spain....
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