Role of Knowledge Management in Building Effective Leadership Styles

Topics: Knowledge management, Leadership, Management Pages: 13 (3910 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Role of Knowledge Management in building up effective
Leadership Styles:
A Study of Modi Continental Tyres Pvt. Ltd. (Meerut)

Jyoti Sardana (Assistant Professor)
IIMT Ganganagar
Contact No: 9837047021


Mr. Sandeep (Assistant Professor)
IIMT Ganganagar
Contact No: 9719440022

Under the guidance of
Dr B.S. Hothi
Director I.M.E. Ghaziabad
Contact No: 09210798673

Mrs. Jyoti Sardana is presently working as Assistant Professor in IIMT Ganganagar; teaching Business communication, Technical communication and other HR related subjects to MBA as well as B.Tech students. She has a total experience of 17 years of various institutes all over India. Her academic qualifications are as follows: M.A. In English, Bed, M.B.A (HRM), Pursuing PhD

M.S degree in Psychotherapy and counseling
She is good in taking personality development classes and working as soft skill trainer She has authored a book related to UPTU course on Remedial English About ten national and international papers are on her credit Has anchored various social and academic programs

Has been entrusted with the responsibilities of Chief Editor and Sahitya Pramukh of different magazines, newsletters and Journals

Role of Knowledge Management in building up effective Leadership Styles: A Study of Modi Continental Tyres Pvt. Ltd. (Meerut)

Jyoti Sardana *
Sandeep Kumar **


Purpose –Knowledge management and leadership in any organizations is an integrated perspective and can not be separated from each other. Raw information may be widely available to a number of agencies, but only some organizations will be able to convert the information into relevant knowledge and to use this knowledge to achieve their aims. The processes by which they do this are known as KM strategies. In the words of Alvin Toffler “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn." To establish the importance of intimate relationship between leadership practices and knowledge management in any organization, the organization concept needs to be first identified and discussed, with the emphasis on the specific features of contemporary organization and the essential role of leaders while developing their organizations. Furthermore, the processes of organizational learning and new knowledge creation should be described, elaborating further on the kinds of processes that leaders should be involved in and responsible for. (Viitala, 2004) Moreover, the specific managerial tasks in achieving competitive advantage should be presented; accentuating the critical importance of developing organizational discussions should be taking place with regard to concepts such as organizational memory and knowledge management, as well as the role of information technology within these frameworks. (Viitala, 2004) During the last decade, discussion on the determinants of successful organizations has concentrated on their ability to renew, learn and innovate. (Viitala, 2004) The notion of the "learning organization" has become one of the new buzzwords in the management, psychological and human resource development literature. (Garavan, 1997) The concept of the learning organization itself has gone through many combinations and permutations in terms of theoretical development and attempts at practical application. (Stewart, 2001) The fervent interest in the learning organization and the underlying cause for recent emphasis on organizational learning (Blair, 1993) and knowledge management (Choo, 2001) The main purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between Knowledge Management and Leadership Qualities. This relationship has been approached from a multidisciplinary perspective, to produce an accurate picture of the nature of relationship they possess and how it should be managed....
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