Role of International Relations

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Structure is determined on the basis of the tasks, solved during the political campaign. Performance of the entire team depends on how the structure of the subject of management was thought, as it is adapted to achieve certain political purposes. Subject of management acts as a group of people and as a political organization. There are following groups which allocated during the formation of the team in its structure: * Analysis Group - is responsible for the collection and analysis of information; * Advertising group - provides training and dissemination of advertising-informational production; * Press Service – cooperates with the mass media;

* The group who organizes the meeting of the candidate with the population; * The group of agitators – directly works with the population; * The group of psychologists, speechwriters – directly works with the candidate; * The group of lawyers - organizes legal support;

* The group of financial support, accounting;
* Security service.
As the result of the allocating groups is a association of the experts, according their profile. However, such kind of division of labor i.e. its diversification may increase the risk of loss of control team as a whole. This can usually happen in big election campaigns when the number of teams increased, and each of them operates in different cities and inhabited locality. 17. The object of management

The object of management feels controlling influence from the subject of management and act in accordance with the received impulse and commands. As the objects of political – technological management are those individuals, who affect on the achievements of certain political purposes and when subject undertake particular actions. The larger purpose it is, the more number of management objects we have. By the degree of support for the subject of management, potentially possible political objects are is conditionally divided into five types. 1. Actively...
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