Role of Interest Groups in Law Making Process

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  • Published : February 23, 2009
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Every country is conditioned to have sets of laws or rules and regulations for their people to follow. Normally, it is called the constitution which is denoted as a system that is tabulated in a written document with the rules and regulations of the administered organization. However, it becomes specific when it comes to a country's constitution because it is more focused on political principles and the procedures, powers, and important duties of a government. It deals with the relationship of each state to its government, the three branches of the government namely the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial, and lastly the rights of every individual. This kind of constitution usually deals with the kind of Constitution the United States of America has. Their first governing constitution was the Articles of Confederation yet it was replaced by the United States Constitution by a group of federalist who felt that their previous constitution lacked fundamental provisions for a sufficient government. So the constitutional basis was transformed from confederation to federation. There is one power that dominates each constitution, making law for the common good.             However, the amendment of the constitution that took place was not that simple due to the factors that affect it. Therefore through conducting this research paper, the group would provide information to the people about the lawmaking process in the United States and the factors that affect it specifically special interest groups.

Three factors affecting the policy making process in the U.S.

Policymakers/ politicians
Policymakers usually focus on the short term and on procedures that has concrete outcomes. It means that their focal point is to come up with the simplest results. Also, they were concerned in the factual rather than the conceptual. Based on some interviews, policymakers understand that conditions will still be favorable for an action or choice even if there is a deficient understanding or studies about a certain issue. Policymakers are well-prepared and able to interpret and combine thoughts from various sources and move ahead through “acts of faith.”

Scientific Basis/ Theories
If policymakers focus on short term, according to some scientists, scientific basis/ theories focus in the long term, they put back actions until information are gained already. Also, scientific basis identify the nature and the extent of uncertainty. They were taught to be conservative and to doubt conclusions until data and study bear them and they appreciate the complexities of their understanding.

Fund affects the policy making process. We need research for us to create a policy but in this research, we need funds to pay for the people who will make this study and as well as the information. Another instance is the business groups. They are the one who fund if ever the policy that they are supported will be implemented.

As a federal, republican and democratic state, the United States of America has been proud of hailing to the world the every single American has a voice and the heart to serve and see for America. It has also hailed that the people are free to speak for the benefit of the nation, including pushing for laws and ordinances. This has been the common notion but modern political economists would argue. Political economists like Olson (1965), Stigler (1971), Peltzman (1976), and Becker (1983) argue that small but powerful interest groups control the legislature being passed. So what are special interest groups? According to Elizabeth Gerber (1999) in her book “The Populist Paradox”, special interest groups are often the few wealthy individuals that have the power to influence legislation to safeguard their interests. However, upon looking into the history of United States legislature, companies and social groups have seen political defeats from common voters who had the effort to gather support. Even though the lawmaker is...
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