Role of Hrm in Manufacturing Company

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  • Published: August 1, 2011
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This essay will evaluate the role of Human Resource Management in a manufacturing company. This will include a critical assessment of three functions being Recruitment, Selection and Employee Turnover function which are vital to the achievement of estimated goals. Being appointed as the Head of HRM by the General Manager of ABC company, certain problems are to be addressed such as poor matching of new personnel to their job and rising levels of staff turnover. This essay will also point out certain aspects and changes which may be required by the company to retain employees reduce cost and increase profitability if considered. The main aim of recruitment is to ensure that the organization is adequately and effectively staffed at all times. The next step involves matching the suitable applicants to the jobs in the organization followed by the selection function. “It is mandatory for Organizations to make the best of their recruiting practices because, in today’s increasingly market-based human resource management (HRM), effective recruitment is likely to be the ‘most critical human resource function for organizational success and survival’ “(Taylor and Collins 2000: 304). Another definition that throws light on the essence of Recruitment can be quoted as ‘those practices and activities carried out by the organization with the primary purpose of identifying and attracting potential employees’(Barber 1998: 5). This definition highlights the important difference between two HR functions that are difficult to distinguish, namely recruitment and selection.

An Overall recruitment policy and a number of processes need to be in place to determine overall outcomes for the organization before effective recruiting can take place. Recruiting should always involve analyzing the position to be filled, the person to fill it, writing a job description and person specification, and analyzing the organization’s short, medium and long term needs and goals....
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