Role of Hr in Service Sector

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Training And Development : 
Training And Development “Training is the process of altering employee behaviour and attitudes in a way that increase the probability of goal attainment.”

Features of Training : 
Features of Training Training objectives are tied to organization’s business objectives. Training is modular so it can be adapted to workplace schedules. Training is tailored to trainee needs and learning styles. Training structure allows employees to learn at their own pace. Trainees are provided regular, ongoing feedback concerning their progress while in the training programme.

WHY T & D : 
WHY T & D No one is a perfect fit at the time of hiring and some training & development must take place. Planned development programs will return values to the organization in terms of : increased productivity reduced costs Morale Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements

Slide 4: 
Moulds employees’ attitude Helps them achieve better co-operation Creates greater loyalty to the organization Reduces wastage and spoilage Reduces constant supervision Improves quality

Training Process : 
Training Process Determine the mission of the org Job description Training needs assessment Decide most imp objective/priorities Evaluate the curriculum Evaluate the Result of Training

TYPES OF TRAINING On the job: Orientation Apprentice Committee assignments Off the job: Vestibule Role playing Lecture Case discussion Conference

Slide 7: 
Decision making: In basket Business games Case studies Role play

Responsible for Training : 
Responsible for Training Top Mgmt – Frames the Training policy HR Dept – plans, establishes and evaluates Supervisors – implement and apply development procedure Employees – provide feedback, revision and suggestions

Training and Development : 
Training and Development

Definition : 
Definition Training is the formal and systematic modification of behavior through learning which occurs as a result of education, instruction, development and planned experience. Development is any learning activity, which is directed towards future, needs rather than present needs, and which is concerned more with career growth than immediate performance.

Training, Development, and Education : 
Training, Development, and Education HRD programs are divided into three main categories: Training, Development, and Education. Training is the acquisition of technology, which permits employees to perform their present job to standards. It improves human performance on the job the employee is presently doing or is being hired to do. Also, it is given when new technology in introduced into the workplace. Development is training people to acquire new horizons, technologies, or viewpoints. It enables leaders to guide their organizations onto new expectations by being proactive rather than reactive. It enables workers to create better products, faster services, and more competitive organizations. It is learning for growth of the individual, but not related to a specific present or future job

Training, Development, and Education : 
Training, Development, and Education Education is training people to do a different job. It is often given to people who have been identified as being promotable, being considered for a new job either lateral or upward, or to increase their potential. Unlike training, which can be fully evaluated immediately upon the learners returning to work, education can only be completely evaluated when the learners move on to their future jobs or tasks.

Distinction between Training and Education : 
Distinction between...
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